10 Tips To Become A CONFIDENT Vegan Advocate

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Both of these photos are me.



On the left is a 16-year old with almost 0 self-confidence, but THOUGHT he didn’t give a shit what other people thought of him.


But on the right is someone with the self-confidence of a millionaire (even though I’m not one YET) and ACTUALLY doesn’t give a shit what other people think of him.


And it feels really fucking good now.


Self-confidence also happens to be really fucking helpful for EVERYTHING in life.


I now feel like the entire world has opened up to me. And I can accomplish whatever the fuck I want.


And you know one of the things I want to accomplish?


I want all the people I interact with to change their diets.


And it’s amazing to see that shit play out over and over and over again.


It all starts with self-confidence.


Self-confidence isn’t something I was born with.


It’s something I developed later in life.


Many people were not taught to believe by their parents, teachers, friends, random kids at school, etc. that they could achieve anything they wanted if they put their mind to it.


I was one of them.


Growing up in a cult on the extreme fringe of Christianity I was taught that being weird and hated by society was a good thing.


And I internalized it.


I use to actually look at people with self-confidence and get upset.


I would project who I was onto the person and get upset about their ego, entitlement, etc.


That’s because I had an ego, felt entitled, etc.


But I’m breaking free from my ego and entitlement. And I’m embracing self-confidence.


It’s changing everything in my life. These last 2 months have been especially amazing.


And I’ve found self-confidence to be the number one thing the animals need from animal activists more than anything.


Here are 10 things I did to MASSIVELY improve my self-confidence.


NOTE: This isn’t me telling you what to do. This is just me sharing my experiences with you.


1. I started lifting weights.


Some people don’t like the way I look. I do. And that’s all that matters when it comes to self-confidence.


I was 18 and didn’t even notice it at the time because I wasn’t in-tune with my feelings.


But when I started going to the gym there was a little upswing in my self-confidence.


I began caring just a little bit less what other people thought of me.


2. I changed the way I dress.




I look back and notice that my self-confidence hit its all time low when I was 15 and early 16.


I made a very slight change to the way I dressed when I was 16, 18, and 22.


When I look back to 22 is when I really started noticing my self-confidence improving.


Now I’m 30 and the way I dress is basically whatever the fuck I want.


I had no idea I wasn’t actually dressing the way I wanted before.




The number one tip with this for me has been to wear clothes that actually fit me. Clothes that are on the smaller side.


3. I got a haircut.


I shaved my head when I was 19. I was still unconscious at the time.


But when I look back there was an immediate positive change in my self-confidence.


It wasn’t massive.


But it was enough for me to keep my head shaved for the next 5 years.


After that, I changed my hairstyle to something I thought was more stylish.


4. I forced myself into, what I considered, extremely awkward social situations.


I finally learned how to hold a basic conversation when I was 22 years old.


And I learned by handing out hundreds of thousands of leaflets about factory farming around the country.




In the beginning, I couldn’t even talk to a person, let alone handle dealing with a person who was angrily yelling that they love bacon to me.


My friend Vic Sjodin taught me to view these angry social situations as a challenge, though.


So I started asking myself “can I get the other person to calm down?”


“Can I get them to relate to me as a human being?”


“Can I now bring the conversation back to vegan eating and get them to agree with me and commit to change?”


And yes, I’ve learned all of it. And I am really fucking good at it now.


And I’m still constantly getting better.


5. I began visualizing positive scenarios in social situations where I would use to visualize negative scenarios.


I stopped thinking people hated me. That they thought I was judgmental, angry, weird, etc.


And I started visualizing that they liked me. That they thought I was cool.


That they thought veganism was cool. And that they wanted to change their diets and go vegan after meeting me.


Now that shit happens in real life. Not just in my head.


6. I began making a confident gesture with my body.


My friend Vic made a comment about a gesture I made with my arms once.


I put both my arms out really wide and said “what’s uuuuuup” when I saw him.



Here’s Vic doing it.


He laughed at how confident the gesture made me look.


So I started doing it more.


The more I did it. The more confident I felt.


You’ll notice that I still do it to this day at times.


7. I began to focus on holding my head up while walking.


I had no idea I always looked at the ground when I walked.


It was honestly hard at first.


But focusing on holding my head up and looking straight ahead while walking made a massive difference in my self-confidence.


It helped me feel more confident.


8. I began to read books and learn about developing myself.



one of my favorite books.


Yes, I’ve read books about confidence.


But I also read books on psychology, entrepreneurship, leadership, history, biographies, self-help, spirituality, marketing, etc.


I also love reading books by people I don’t fully agree with or share a different perspective on life.


And I always look to each and every book I read and figure out principles from it I can apply to my life so I can become better.


9. I started only hanging out with people that build me up.


This is a new one.


I value my time and my life so much that I am very specific about who I spend my time with now.


I like spending my time with other positive people who build their friends up.


People who have ambitions and goals of their own.


People who don’t blame their problems on others, but instead focus on solutions.


It’s amazing that when I became this person myself more, more people like this began entering my life.


10. I started being proud of who I am.




I began improving my confidence when I was 22.


But I recently realized I felt ashamed of who I was before that.


So I was always hiding something.


And I was always afraid I was gonna get found out.


This had a massive negative effect on my self-confidence. And I didn’t even realize it.


I finally realized it 2-3 months ago.


Now that I’m actually proud of who I am it feels like I’ve unlocked a new world where everything just goes my way.


This has been the major key.


Being proud of who I am.


It’s amazing.


I want everyone to experience this shit.


And I want to help every vegan advocate learn to achieve the results I’ve learned to achieve.


But no matter how far I come, there is always more to learn.


Everyone’s going vegan.


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