8 Reasons Why Choosing A Vegan Diet May NOT Be For You

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fish eye shot of cow455010 Listen, going vegan isn’t for everyone. And we’re concerned with all of you out there.  So, for those of you currently considering making the switch, we wanted to include 8 points to consider beforehand.  If you catch yourself nodding yes to even 1 of these 8 points, steer clear of a vegan diet.

1. You love animal cruelty. If hiring someone to confine an animal in a cage so small he can barely move, and ripping his testicles out without painkillers sounds like fun to you then you should not go vegan.

2. You hate the environment. According to the UN, raising and killing animals for food is the number 1 cause of gree1937471_10152688475245960_1897855942377300162_nnhouse gas emissions. And it is “one of the top 2 or 3 most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”

So for all you people out there who hate the environment, the most effective choice you can make when it comes to destroying the environment is to consume meat, dairy, and eggs.

3. You’re a lion. Are you a lion? Do you salivate as you chase your prey, catch it with your mouth, and proceed to rip the prey open with your teeth, then begin eating into its flesh on the spot? If so, you probably are incapable of going vegan.

4. You don’t want to end world hunger. It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat.  Pretend there is a starving child next to you and you’re holding a plate of 13 pounds of spaghetti.

Now pretend that you eat 1 pound of it, then take the other 12 pounds and dump it in the trash.  If you think that sounds like loads of fun, then you should not go vegan. 10395171_10152658708795960_7082624107559715598_n

5. You own a factory farm or slaughterhouse. Let’s be serious here. If you own a factory farm or slaughterhouse you have a financial interest in the general public consuming your animals.

So you are going to have a hard time accepting that the way you make your money is by doing something that shocks and horrifies most Americans.

6. You think might makes right. Every now and then there comes along someone who thinks it’s morally ok to abuse someone else just because they can. If this is you, then you and vegan are just not going to be a good fit.  

7. You’re a baby cow. Cows only produce milk after pregnancy. Why? To rapidly turn that tiny calf into a massive adult bovine weighing in at up to 1,500 pounds. 

So if your goal is to eventually turn into a massive adult bovine, keep drinking that cows milk. [Tweet “So if your goal is to eventually turn into a massive adult bovine, keep drinking that cows milk.”]

8. You’re sadistic. Do you take pleasure in causing others to suffer? You’re in luck! Consuming animal products is one of the easiest ways to do just that.

Thank you for bearing with our compulsion to put our tongues in our cheeks. While we do hope this gave you some quality giggles, there is a point. The fact is, while you may not be vegan, your values probably are.

Most people are opposed to animal cruelty, don’t want to destroy the environment, are not lions, do want to end world hunger, don’t own a factory farm or slaughterhouse, are not bullies, are not baby cows, and are not sadistic. And since your values are already that of a vegan, why not take a step toward a vegan diet?

We both recommend getting started by taking the Meatless Monday pledge. That way you ease into it and are able to experiment with new foods.

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  • Allwood Natalie

    You convinced me!, I shall remain non vegan, thanks for the insights and help.

    • Pamela_Hryskiw

      Lovely, Allwood. I cringe to think which one/s qualified as, “Yeses” to you. (shiver and ick)

      • Allwood Natalie

        I don’t get your comment Pamela, just like you didn’t get mine, but no worries x

    • Kathy Garrett Jutte

      Allwood Natalie, it is so very thoughtful and kind of you to make such a statement. I don’t understand how anyone could want to continue to eat meat after becoming aware of the pain and suffering an animal has to go through. Have you watched the movie “Forks over knives”? I challenge you to watch it and then come back and tell me what you think. If you can still eat meat, then you are a monster. Ignorance is bliss and perhaps not knowing the truth allows you to continue through each day without having any feelings of guilt or remorse. Perhaps, you really don’t care, and the suffering that cows endure so that you can have a steak is worth it for you. If so, I feel sorry for you and all the people like you….

      • Nina

        Forks over knives is more about the health side to veganism, I’d like to challenge Allwood to watch Earthlings and come back with his statement.

        • Allwood Natalie

          I don’t eat meat, I stopped after watching a fair few harrowing films about our meat industry… I made that sarcastic comment because the article pissed me off… I didn’t find it very intelligent and I found it as sarcastic as the comment I made.

      • Allwood Natalie

        I was being sarcastic Kathy but thanks for the vegan policing judgment x

    • mark gillono

      “Both vegans and non-vegans live in state of disconnect. Non-vegans disconnect from that fact that billions of nonhuman animals are enslaved, tortured, confined and violently murdered for their pleasure, preferences and entertainment. Vegans live in a state of disconnect so that our hearts don’t shatter into a million pieces moment by moment due to the fact that billions of nonhumans are being exploited and the people we love continue to participate. Vegans have to disconnect just to be able to get through the day.” -The Thinking Vegan

      • Allwood Natalie

        I’m very connected to what I eat and I’m very concerned about the righteous baton the vegan police seem to think it’s ok to beat everyone else who isn’t formally ‘one of them’…I find it really off putting and equally as violent as our meat industry. Being pigeon holed by dogmatic people isn’t a very constructive past time if you ask me, not that you did… I hope you realise that there are more than 7 billion people on this planet Marc, and despite you attempting to put everyone in two categories, there will be a huge amount of people that don’t fit into either one of your narrow minded boxes.

        • Calling myself a vegan is just to describe in short that I am against animal killing and torture. It is not like I am fitting myself into some mould. Guess same goes for other “vegans” as well

          • Allwood Natalie

            That sounds very expansive and sensible of you Ognjen!!. Over the past two years I have had run in’s with militant vegan’s who now believe themselves to be far superior to all other humans on the planet, and who seem to kinda hate humans so forgive me firstly, for generalising and secondly, for assuming every one of you guys is the same… just like you are assuming other people than yourself are as sensible as you… unfortunately we all think differently and can’t assume anything from my experience… wishing you all the best nonetheless XXX

          • Lyndsey G

            “I don’t feel superior because I am vegan. The truth is I am vegan because I don’t feel superior to others.” by Michele McCowan, but reflects my views to a T. I don’t fit the typical vegan “mold” that I hear of all the time, but then I think that mold is based upon just a small sub-group of a much larger population. It’s like trying to fit all Asian people into one category; it just doesn’t work. All vegans are not militant, elitist’s who hate meat eating humans, just as not all non-vegans are torture-loving, killing machines that pollute the Earth.

            I truly think the one thing we all can agree on (except for the truly insane people) is the way we humans in general treat the other species on this planet leaves a lot of room for improvement.

          • Allwood Natalie

            I agree about the way we treat our environment, fauna and flora being a reflection of how we treat each other Lyndsey G. And if you read my words I’m admitting to generalising… in my personal case I have met a majority of militant vegans, obviously those encounters will be more prominent in my mind than the encounters I’ve had with lovely, compassionate and non-overly emotional/judgemental self proclaimed vegans like yourself x.

          • Nik

            Maybe you should let go of your hang-up over vegans you didn’t like. And stop using it as an excuse to continue to do the wrong thing while you’re at it.
            You don’t want to be vegan, for whatever reason, then don’t, but don’t blame that decision on something so silly as the vegans you’ve met are militant and what not. It’s not as though you’re coming across as particularly pleasant and non-judgmental yourself.
            And what does any of that matter anyway? Just do what’s right for you.

          • Allwood Natalie

            Nik labeling yourself as anything creates distance. The militant vegans I had issues with were judgemental and rude… now if you met a human being who was outright judgemental and rude would you like them?. And I am doing what’s right for me and what I believe is right for our planet. Best wishes to you x.

          • Allwood Natalie

            And what wrong things are you referring to Nik?!!…. I stopped eating meat four years ago, I’ve done vegan foods, vegetarian foods, raw foods so please know you needn’t assume I am a meat eater because I am not. You must be assuming so because I don’t agree with this article… just because I have a different take on things than you doesn’t make me a meat eater bad person… I just have a wider perspective than wanting to huddle myself into a tribal group because imo we’re all going to have to look at the broader picture if getting on with each other is a priority. You’re entitled to not like me or what I have to say, but we’re all allowed and welcomed to express ourselves here, if that weren’t the case there wouldn’t be any comment boxes lol. Wishing you all the best x

          • Dogly

            Yes, I understand. I’m going to keep hating, condemning, and discriminating against Black people because some of them are so darn insistent on being treated as equals. They are SOOO irritating!

        • Vörös Péter

          if you really think that getting some strong words is equally as being murdered, than something is really not ok with your mind..
          i hope one day you can imagine how some vegan people love the animals and understand why they “beat” you or other sadistic lions..

          • Allwood Natalie

            I don’t understand what you mean ‘Guest’, just like I don’t think you understand what I mean.

          • That smart guy

            They “beat” us omnivorous humans, seeing as we are not sadists nor lions, because they believe their own viewpoint to be superior and do not respect our own. If they did, they would not put so much effort into changing it.

        • lgstarn

          Wow, you think vegans telling you, even harshly, not to kill others is “equally as violent” as those who kill? Do you have a similarly tough time with Gandhi or civil rights leaders, since their “words” were equally “violent” as those who were committing violence and all?

          • Allwood Natalie

            Peace comes from within, and I chose peace. Hopefully other people will come to that same conclusion, I’ll give them the same freedom I was given when making that decision, because we all know that being dictated to (by people that believe they know best for others) only generates violence.

          • Dogly

            Being dictated to? Oh, has some law been passed by vegans that forces you to eat carrots? Advocacy for animal liberation is not “violence”. That’s just silly!

          • Allwood Natalie

            Ranting at people to get your own way, whatever that way may be is a violence Dogly… you just happen to have a good cause to bang on about.

        • Bradley Heero Lynes

          You are just not intelligent. I can’t even pretend to engage you. You keep finding ways to distance yourself yet you place yourself right here at the source, are you kidding me?

          You find people talking about Animal Rights as off putting as the meat industry? I guess you could be a socio-path because that would be the only thing to make sense out of that feeling.

          These words that are so off putting to you are probably a designation that you need to become something you are clearly not and actually “give a fuck”. It’s hard narrow minded to expect common sense from people and an act of compassionate living. Vegan’s ask people to go Vegan because it means the animals no longer need suffer for human selfishness. That is not narrow minded, that is righting an atrocious wrong.

          You are so narrow minded that you’ve developed a way through pseudo-intellectualism in terms of arguing your case with actually proving, doing and saying nothing at all.

          Do the world a favour, if you are as guilty as you must be to continually reply…Go Vegan or at least consider the bullshit that you support apparently “openly”.

          • That smart guy

            I feel as though you are only helping further the point being made by Allwood. You clearly have a strong viewpoint on what is “right” and will not attempt to consider another, regardless of any argument I, or any others, make, and you seem to be focused solely on changing our viewpoint to match your own. I’ll only ask that you please take a moment to consider how narrow minded you are being in your attempt to “fix” another’s narrow mind.

          • Allwood Natalie

            Bradley I don’t eat meat, I stopped eating meat four years ago, precisely to align myself with helping our planet out as every human that does something that will help the greater whole is contributing to a positive outcome. Calling me stupid just shows that you know nothing at all about me in my opinion. This is one of the my main dislikes with militant vegans, reverting to belittling other people’s efforts to make yourself feel bigger!?… whatever it is you are doing I can tell you now that being rude to fellow humans isn’t going to get us all very far. I do not consider myself to be a nasty person, I have spoken what I believe to be true here on this page and on this story… it was a click bait story from the get go and I didn’t find it very effective… as in I got annoyed at my time being wasted through people trying to manipulate people into bending to their will… You obviously think it’s a great way to convince people to do what you’re doing so I’ll just have to accept that and move along… I don’t come onto Disqus often, in fact it was a year ago I last saw an update to this ongoing story and I can see there’s still a few kinda rude vegan out there that believe everyone should be doing exactly what they’re doing?!… good luck with that 7billion peeps on the planet and counting… I’m sure in the not too distant future the vegan collective will dominate and control the entire planet?!… that sounds not fascist at all to me?!. The funny thing about humans having control over others is that it never ends well.

        • Naropa

          I don’t like the vegan police either, but even the most extreme Youranofsky or Francione comment is not as violent as the billions of chickens whose beaks are seared off with a hot iron.

          • Allwood Natalie

            The lesser of two evils is still evil Naropa… how about no violence at all, no manipulating anyone or anything and no trying to make people do what you believe they should do?!. Unfortunately there are human beings out there that will not stop eating meat, until they have to (probably when they start hiking the prices, or until they want to possibly due to ill health). Dictating to others is a very sad road to go down and it’s one that we as a race do not seem to learn from. Those of us who have stopped consuming meat are affecting the meat industry, financially, morally and through exposing it’s inherent abusive, nutritionally void and disease inducing nature. Imo, creating the future in the now is way more productive than being abusive to other humans beings who have the right to make their own decisions, just like you and I do… and yes even if those decisions are detrimental to their health and our environment. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” Buckminster Fuller. Best wishes to you x

          • Alex Fregoso

            “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
            –Mahatma Gandhi

          • Dogly

            Ghandi was a constant vocal advocate for an end to English occupation of India. He was as irritating as hell to those who governed his country.

          • Allwood Natalie

            I’m working on it Alex 🙂 x

        • Jenny Henry

          Equally violent?!?! Did someone stab you in the throat?

          • Allwood Natalie

            Jenny have you heard of verbal and mental abuse?… Us ‘evolved’ human beings can hurt/attack/aggress others physically, mentally and spiritually… if you only see a physical attack on someone as an act of violence then I can only say there’s a lot of evidence to show it’s not the only way ‘we’ can abuse others.

    • Allwood, let us guess which one… Are you a lion?

      • Allwood Natalie

        No I’m a fire dragon and I’m gona burn your ass if you don’t write a better article than the above Bro

    • Kevin Tran

      Can’t use a ludicrous article to convert nonvegan people into veganism? Resort to logical fallacies, such as appeal to emotion and red herring because logic and reason are clogged in the toilet. 😀

      • Allwood Natalie

        No it didn’t convince me of anything Kevin, what it did do is make me come over all sarcastic like tho lol x

  • Maggie Crooks

    I will be visiting my daughter and going vegan for a while. Not sure how long, but I know I’ll get a good grounding in vegan recipes.

    • Kenneth Burns

      Good luck Maggie. I went Vegan and told my Daughter I would give it up if I started getting weak or sick…that was 3 years ago. It’s a great feeling, hope you get the joy of experiencing it.

      • That’s an awesome story, Kenneth! Glad to hear you’re going 3 years strong!

    • Maggie, that’s awesome! Both of our parents were able to try different vegan recipes, as their two sons are vegan. Have a GREAT time with your daughter. We hope you find some recipes you enjoy.

      If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

  • Celia Baitinger

    As a serious (NOT tongue-in-cheek) reason, how about “you’re diabetic and can’t tolerate eating grains or sugar”?

    • TraceyMush

      Luckily neither grains nor sugar are required for a plant based diet.

      • Celia Baitinger

        Perhaps true, but here’s a realistic challenge: devise a 2000-calorie per day vegan, plant-based diet that contains less than 130 g net carbs (carb content of food in grams – fiber content of food in grams) and less than 50 g (combined) of grains plus added sugar.

    • PaulWolfe

      Someone call a wambulance.

      • Hey Paul, Celia brought up a legitimate concern. No need to leave a comment like that.

    • Celia, We empathize with your situation as we have several clients and friends who are diabetic. It is not easy, that’s for sure.

      With that said, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a great resource that may be of interest to you. http://www.pcrm.org/pdfs/health/diabetes/vegan_diet_diabetes.pdf

      All the best on your journey

    • Tim

      I personally know someone who is diabetic and went vegan in her 50s. Her health has improved a hell of a lot since. There are plenty of things you can eat that aren’t grains, and I don’t think anybody thinks that sugar should comprise a large amount of any diet.

  • Hey Mary, awesome suggestion! We didn’t see this until after we made a similar recommendation. Great minds think alike 🙂

  • Hey nehmeth. Thanks for the comment. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is a good book indeed. (Assuming you are like Michael Pollan) I’m glad you are opposed to factory farming and don’t eat very much meat.

    Your comment does remind us of this clip from Portlandia though, which is rather extreme. Just choosing to eat vegan seems a little more reasonable and rational: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAlWrT5P2VI

  • Pat volk

    I can say

  • veginator

    Funny article! I’m not sure what infant mammals (e.g. baby cows) drinking their own mothers’ milk has to do with not being vegan, though.

  • Richard Huckle

    No problems with vegans; my daughter is one (that sounds strange?); I just prefer not to be continuously beaten about the head with it?

    • Hey Richard. Sorry to hear you’ve been beaten over the head in the past. We hope your interactions with vegans in the future are a little bit better.

      • Richard Huckle

        I hope to get to learn more about the lifestyle of Vegans; more than ‘just’ a person who does not eat or use animal products. It would be interesting to know more about them, why the word ‘Vegan’ was chosen, do they have faith,sport, utility, political, etc, choices?

  • David

    I disagree with this article. For a start, 1) and 8) are wrong, ’cause you can always keep your animals alive and torture them yourself your years rather than killing them. I’d say that it’s in the direct interest of sadists to go vegan so they can have more fun with their victims.

    Also, 5) is wrong, because it’s unwise to eat your own cows – they’ll be less to sell to others. Plus, having them brutally murdered costs money, money you could be making back by selling them to other people. Also, if you’re not eating your own your own food slaves – I mean livestock – why eat others’ when your money goes to them? I actually think it is in the financial interest of slaughterhouse owners to go vegan.

  • Kevin Tran

    To those who recommend vegan nutritionists, such as Michael Greger: I recommend non-vegan nutritionists, especially those less susceptible to bias, such as Chris Masterjohn, Nora Gedgaudas, etc. It’s a plus people find the information themselves in medical and health literature. It’s time people evolved ideas rather than to submit to peoples’ propaganda and form of control.


    • Thanks for the comment. But what you just said can easily be flipped around in any way. We’ll just quote your comment with changing a few words here and there:

      “To those who recommend non-vegan nutritionists, such as Nora Gedgaudas: We recommend vegan nutritionists, especially those less susceptible to bias, such as Michael Gregor, etc. It’s a plus people find the information themselves in medical and health literature. It’s time people evolved ideas rather than to submit to peoples’ propaganda and form of control.”

      With that said, someone who took the time to read this article and post a video about nutrition is clearly moving in the right direction. And we wish you well on your journey.

      • Kevin Tran

        That was cute move. Let me get things straighten by saying t’s not in my interest to force people to understand the position of the non-vegan, paleo, low-carb, whatever tag you wish to throw at the opposing side of the food debate. You have your reasons to believe Nora Gedgaudas is a less objective scientist than Michael Greger, and I have my reasons to believe otherwise. It’s important the audience ask themselves however whether or not Gedgaudas is pursuing her personal diet, guiding people to the Paleo diet for the reasons listed in the article, because these reasons are at best comical and hysterical. Did anyone take the time to consider her guidance, or assume because she’s not vegan, she’s the antagonist? Or are Michael Greger’s statements too honest to crack?

        You guys crack me up regardless of what you think. Wish you the best for this website.

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  • Frederick Remus

    vegan 46+ years. will be 60 come monday, still have a full head of hair, mntn bike, kayak, and backpack in the summer. Snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter. take no medications, zero, zip. doctor says my blood pressure, pulse and cholesterol numbers are exemplary. and e.d.? forget about it. excuse the crude, but still rock hard.

  • Aram McLean

    The disconnect of vegans continues to be staggering. Do they not live in the same world as the rest of us? Do they not drive cars? Do they never buy anything from China? Do they honestly believe the way we produce vegetables,fruits, corn, and grains these days, so-called organic or otherwise, is ultimately sustainable? I get that animal cruelty sucks. But what if I purchase my meat from Farmer Joe up the road? The black and white narrow damn near cultish thinking of the average vegan is not the answer to the world’s woes. All it does is splinter people into strictly opposing camps and make it all the more likely that the issues vegans are allegedly trying to expose remained buried underneath the snide unfunny rhetoric of their snobbish moral high ground (such as is on display in this ridiculous article).
    Also, what is up with that banner photo? (I especially like the fact that the one guy is so obviously holding a barbell beneath the crop, and the other guy seems to have focused only on getting abs to the detriment of every other muscle. It’s odd, is what I’m saying.)

    • Thanks for the comment there, big guy. Thanks for checking us out, we think you’re cute too

      Being vegan is not about being 100% perfect. It’s about doing your best to reduce unnecessary suffering. And we think nearly everyone would agree that it’s normal to oppose animal cruelty. And since humans aren’t required to pay someone to abuse animals in order to survive, why do it?

      • Aram McLean

        That doesn’t answer the question about the photos…oh wait, I got it. It’s because you’re plugging a lifestyle/book about how being a vegan helps you lose belly fat, gain muscle, and you’re backing it up with the strip show of before and after. Well damn, why didn’t you just say so? Good job on getting healthy. I’d say it’s more to do with exercise and eating healthier in general over becoming 100% vegan, but good job nonetheless. Sincerely. And apologies for my earlier snark. I wasn’t seeing the full picture, so to speak.

        As for the rest of it, I agree with you about animal cruelty, but I still think the militant vegan label is simply way to polarizing to ever be truly effective in a big way. It’s kind of like how some socialism in a country is a good thing a la universal healthcare (a beautiful reality I guess you have yet to experience in your country), but going full communism is a big mistake. You see what I mean? Anyway, good on ya both for having a dream. I don’t really have a dog in the fight. Just wasn’t sure what to make of your ‘tongue in cheek’ stance here. I guess I have a very different sense of humour. But hey, so long as you’re having fun and open to evolving, who am I to give you a hard time.
        Good luck.

  • Christopher Vegan-Murphy

    3. You’re a lion.

  • Teresa Coburn

    This article was shared on a Vegan recipe FB page and has been causing all kinds of pushback. I know it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s coming across as a passive aggressive, mean spirited, waste of time. Look, we know the system needs to change. Write something that tells people to boycott fast food and write letters or sign petitions aimed at the companies/farms/corporations that are peddling cruelty based meat to the masses. Give people something positive to do. This article is the type that causes trolls to rush online to shout “We love bacon!” Come on now, use your powers for good!

  • Sheila

    What about pernicious anemia? What if you live in a location where you can’t acquire a balanced, affordable diet of plants? What if you are dependent on someone else for your meals? I consider these legitimate reasons not to be vegan.

  • I lost my shit, this is amazing guys! Well played.

  • Barry Haum

    So how about this: You vegans accept the fact that I’m going to eat meat, and not shame me for it, and I’ll accept that you’re going to not eat animal products, and not shame you for it.
    You do you, I’ll do me and we won’t do each other.

    • Nik

      No one’s shaming you. If you feel guilty, that’s your own conscience.

  • Jamal Kun

    Thank god nobody takes vegans seriously.

  • Alias Oni

    Naw fuck that. I like meat.

  • Lyndsay Vaughan

    Morally/ethically (& financially) I feel a vegan diet is the one I most fits me in my beliefs.
    But my body unfortunately is tricky (I have Coeliac disease, often low iron, & currently low white blood cells for an unknown reason).
    At the moment I do try to not eat much meat, but I need to increase my protein, iron & calcium intake.
    I always feel guilty & sometimes a bit squeamish & nauseous when I do eat meat, so if I am ever physically ok enough to change my diet to vegetarianiam & then to vegan ism I will do – as long as I can afford it along with the cost of a strict gluten free diet!

  • Lyndsay Vaughan

    P.s. Are there any Vegans out there that have medically conditions? How do you working around your illness?

  • BozHogan

    Is there a source for #2? That the US says animal agriculture is the top source of greenhouse gases?

    • TraceyMush

      Yes, there are lots of sources. The United Nations released a paper about the harm farming animals is doing to the environment a few weeks ago. Also a documentary called “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”.

  • Deborah

    I became vegan about 8 months ago after being vegetarian for over a year. Two of my daughters are heading toward vegan and love to try new recipes with me when they visit (I live in FL and they live in MA, so I don’t get to see them a lot). I hate the cruelty in the meat, egg and dairy business.

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  • Medic

    “one of the top 2 or 3 most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global” isn’t the #1 reason… Good to see vegans lack integrity still… Keep grasping bros, one day more people will believe in veganism than believe that GW is a lizard alien 🙂

  • Nik

    Agreed. I am going vegan in part, because of what I see as symptoms of pre-diabetes in myself. Of course, I care about animals and the earth so that is a huge bonus… but yeah. No question, from what I’ve learned veganism is ideal for diabetics.

  • That smart guy

    First, world hunger can easily be ended without anyone going vegan. We produce more than enough food for everyone to eat healthily, so the “13 pounds to 1 pound” comment is moot. Second, sadism has nothing to do with consuming meat. Implying that it does also implies that the vast majority of humans are sadists. If that were true, then this world would be a much more terrifying and deadly place for everyone. That is your first rash assumption. Third, implying that eating meat immediately makes you a fan of animal cruelty would cause millions of pet owners across the world quite upset. The majority of people in the world don’t know what the animals they are eating are subjected to before being killed, and therefore cannot possibly be in favour of animal cruelty because of their choice of consumption. This is your second rash assumption. Fourth, the values stated in your final paragraph are not exclusively those of a vegan. Many other people share the same values while not being vegan. Finally, what you want to eat is none of my business, and similarly what I eat should be none of your business. Humans are naturally omnivores, meaning we eat both plants and animals. If you would like to change to an all-plant diet, that’s fine. Good for you. Might I only ask that you stop making others who don’t share your viewpoint feel worst about eating what nature has defined as a healthy diet?

  • Shirleen Sage

    Really enjoyed this article. You got some great points across as well as giving me a giggle. It’s a shame people have to comment being argumentative. However, if you’re that offended and feel you need to argue over this post then clearly there’s something tugging at your conscious. If you literally do not care, you wouldn’t bother.

  • Minh Nguyen

    I am a vegetarian who is on the path of becoming a vegan. I’m close to that destination. I feel that this article makes vegans/vegetarians look bad. Although it is for a good cause, this is not different from the tone of Christian fundamentalists, who like to condemn non Christians with holier than thou attitude. Living by example is the best way to spread compassion and empathy, not using words to break people’s spirit. I think it is counterproductive.

  • Maroona Quinn

    I tried to go vegan but I had terrible headaches and felt hungry again 15 minutes after eating, even with supplementation and trying to eat things higher in calories and protein and iron and whatnot. I educated myself before starting the lifestyle change, talked to my doctor about it and picked up some vegan cookbooks from my local library. I’m really upset because I want to do this, but maybe it’s just not for me?

    • lilpeoplez

      It’s possible that you have the same condition that I do, it’s called metal hypersensitivity. It’s fairly easy to get tested to see if you have it. It’s actually a lot more common than many people realize and affects over 15% of the world’s population. It mainly has to do with the fact that not all people are 100% human as roughly 100,000 years ago humans began to interbreed with neanderthals, which were a considered to be an omnivorous species, but required much higher protein and less plants. Just like any other allergy, your body recognizes metals as a virus. The best thing you really can do (if it’s a serious case like mine) is to eat only white meats and and wild caught fish, avoid high metal fruits like bananas, stay away from leafy greens, and eat more root vegetables (potatoes are not a vegetable).

  • Ava Piekarski

    Really want to go vegan, but FUCKING HATE quinoa (a.k.a. ‘birdseed’) … suggestions? It’s the new tofu…