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At Vegan Bros we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you. Yes, it’s true. We do have the same mom and dad. (at least that’s what they told us) But this isn’t just about us, it’s about you. Consider this your invitation to become a Vegan Bro (women included)  

 “What’s a Vegan Bro,” you ask? 

Vegan Bro {vee-guhn, broh]

One in the righteous pursuit of fitness, knowledge, ethics, and the life of their dreams. With the unquenchable thirst for fat loss, and muscle gains.  

We hijacked the term ‘Bro’. Based on research we made up just now, 98% of readers said they were sad that they never use the term ‘Bro’ to describe themselves. Hola Amigos! Matt and Phil here. We’re the chief curators and coaches at Gentlemen. Scholars. Advocates of using good fucking profanity when we speak. Connoisseurs of refined whiskey and vodka. Saviors of animals. And generally mysterious, yet dapper. (Whew, glad we didn’t go overboard with the brag)    Kick off your shoes, get a spot on the couch, and we’ll grab you a cocktail, or 3. Welcome to our world


If you have ever thought to yourself: 

  • “How can I achieve a full body transformation?”

  • “How can I go from Chunk to Hunk or Hunk-ess…ok maybe Babe is better?”

  • “How can I stop feeling like a loser and a failure, and start feeling more positive and happy?”

  • “How can I get that bully to leave me the fuck alone?” (Give us their address, We’ll take care of it)

  • “How can I finally lose this weight, or am I stuck like this forever?”

  • “How can I eat better, and feel healthier? I’m sick of feeling shitty all day!”

  • “How can I get a more lean, toned physique?”

  • “How can I excel in my job or business?”

  • “How can I be a better advocate for animals?”

  • “How can I lead a more fulfilling life? The one I always dreamed of.”

  • “How can I get more friends, dates, or an overall more meaningful social life?”

  • “How can I do more to help others?”

  • “How can I change the world?”

  • “How can I stop being such a weak-ass hippie, vegan? I want to be a Vegan Bro.”

Or if you’ve ever just needed to feel like someone is there, who understands what you’re going through, and wants to help you however they can…. …You’re in the right place. Welcome home.

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Here’s How Vegan Bros Helps You Get the Body and Life That You Want

Readers have been known to achieve fantabulous fat loss, face melting muscle gains, indescribable happiness, and finally come up with the balls to create the life they wanted. (A.K.A. everyone will be jealous as fuck)

Some believe the journey is over when you lose the weight, add the muscle, get the raise, or finally earn that diploma. Just, “wa-la” and then magically everything is dandy.

It’s not.

We believe life is a journey of exploration, understanding, and paying it forward. When we open ourselves up to life, as we did when we began our journeys, the journey never really ends.

What we didn’t realize is at that point, we would start looking at the world around us in a whole new way.

If you believe there is more, and you think that there might be something better out there for you, whether it’s

• Physical transformation (getting hot on the outside)

• Inward transformation (getting hot on the inside)

• Lifestyle transformation (saying fuck you to status quo and living how you want)

• Or just living better and staying true to yourself (zen awesome)

 You’re in the right place. 

We’ve made it our calling to pay it forward, and help as many as we can.

You get to learn from our mistakes (trust me, we’ve made plenty) and we can learn and grow together, as we try to figure life out, and live it to the max.

We’ve helped clients shed pounds, and get in shape for bathing suit season.

We’ve helped others pack on muscle and get stronger, when nothing else in the past has worked for them. And we’ve helped clients who just want to change their eating habits or drop a few pounds here and there.


About Matt


I was never able to shake that feeling that there was more, and I needed to do something drastic… And I’m so fucking glad I did.

Let me give you a little background about myself.

I was once asked to sum my life up in one word. What was the word?


My life has been transformed in just about every way I can think of.

My career, thus far, has been spent as a Fitness Coach and Serial Entrepreneur.

A plant-based Athlete, and seeker of nutritional knowledge. My performance, strength, and overall well-being were transformed when I moved to a healthy, and compassionate meat-free diet.

During the past 6 years I have opened and operated 3 gym and training centers in Southeast Michigan, ultimately having a hand in over 3,000 people undergoing complete physical transformations, or more generally working toward their health and fitness goals.

Gym opening


All the while I’ve been traveling the world, and trying as best I can to suck all I can out of life.

Oh… I’m also really weird. (full disclosure)

In addition, I work closely with national non-profits like Mercy for Animals, Vegan Outreach and The Humane League to advocate for animals, and help make the world a better place.



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…And I have a best friend. His name’s Peyton, and he loves playing fetch 

But… life wasn’t always kettlebells and sunshine.

I’m not one of those genetically gifted fitness freaks, who never had to try a day in his life.

I am the embodiment of a life transformed.

Spiked_HairTruth be told, just a few short years ago, I was leading a far different life.

Hopeless. Aimless. Depressed. Overweight. Scared.

I had always been a “big” kid growing up. But as I pushed closer to high school graduation things really got out of control.

I had a good home life, but unfortunately had shitty self esteem. And if I’m honest, I ate my feelings, in large quantities, and often. Many times doubling fast food meals, and always supersizing. (I rocked Taco Bell’s 4th meal before it existed. Still waiting for my commission check)

Scant on discipline, self worth, or purpose, I went away to college, and that was the best thing I could have done.

While there, I got to a place where I said,  

I’ve had it with sabotaging myself, and feeling this way. Now is the time. 

It was then I began my journey to a new me.

Making my way to the gym for the first time, I learned what I could about nutrition, and eeked out every ounce of determination I could.

In less than a year I managed to lose just shy of 100 pounds (96 to be exact), and began to gain control of my life. 

Well you must think, “yay, he did it. Mission accomplished!”


That was when the real work began.

This insecure college kid had to learn how to live all over again.

And THAT is what we’re here doing now.

About Phil


I haven’t always been the ripped, confident Vegan Bro you see before you today. If I’m honest there is a previous version of me I usually prefer not to talk about. But since we’re bro-ing down, I’m going to shoot you my cold hard truth.

I used to view myself as a mediocre person who would never amount to much. I never had any big goals. And because of that I just floated through life aimlessly.

I was a skinny, shy, socially awkward kid with no self-esteem, or confidence. 

Over the course of the last 5-years my life has been transformed in virtually every way possible.

I got started in fitness shortly after my bro opened his first gym, because I felt the animals deserved better than a stereotypical skinny-ass vegan.

But what surprised me was the impact this had on my life in so many other ways. My strength increased. In addition, I no longer walked around like a scared little puppy. I could now hold my head high, make eye contact with people, and speak with confidence.

This is when my career in animal advocacy took off. Over the course of 4-years I completed 9 nationwide tours:



  • passed out hundreds of thousands of Vegan Outreach booklets on college campuses
  • organized close to 200 demonstrations on behalf of Mercy For Animals
  • been interviewed by several hundred mainstream media outlets
  • given presentations at colleges, festivals, and various other forums

And during my 4-years working in the animal advocacy movement my fitness journey took on a life of it’s own. I became good friends with and trained alongside numerous fitness professionals, who influenced me to become better for myself and my future clients.

While on this journey this skinny ass vegan was able to pack on over 25 pounds of lean muscle and become the person I never thought I could be.

Since finishing my full time job with Mercy For Animals I have had the opportunity to help countless people shed fat, add muscle tone, and gain strength.

And now I’m here to help you.

 Vegan Bros Inception

So you’re thinking, “Well I know each of your stories, but what the fuck does that all have to do with”

We’re glad you asked.

As you can see we are both very passionate about fitness and making the world a better place.

We’ve had successful careers in our own rights, and impacted the lives of many. Phil in animal advocacy, and Matt in fitness.


But there was something that we each felt was missing in our lives. 

When we decided to take a leap, and make a new beginning by moving across the country to Seattle, all of the bricks fell into place.

Soon after moving, we launched Veg Connect, a growing movement for vegans, vegetarians, and those interested in meatless eating to come together, hang out, and plan world domination. As it’s co-founders we are not only passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals, we are also passionate about helping animals and bringing the animal advocacy movement together around the world.

Our dream of impacting people on a mass scale came full circle when we remembered that without Phil, Matt likely would have never been introduced to the world of animal advocacy and working to make the world a better place. Likewise, without Matt, Phil never would have found his passion for fitness and helping people transform their lives.

We realized that everything we had done up until now, would prepare us for the epicness of what was to come.

And with that, we joined forces, and combined to begin planning world domination through our new avenue-

And now we make it our goal to pay it forward, and help YOU!

 Introducing Vegan Bros

“Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.” – Martin Luther King Jr.”

 Transform (Your Body). Expand (Your Mind). Embrace (Your Life). 

Fitness, Business, and Life Musings from Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Livers of Life, and Vegan Bros- Matt Letten and Phil Letten.6_phil_matt.JPG

We believe that we should all have the opportunities to live the best life possible, whatever that may mean to you.

We believe in the potential and power contained in each of us.

We believe the status quo and mediocrity need to be stomped in the face.

We believe that each of us has our own path, and we need to find it.

We believe that the right community can help you get there.

We believe that life only truly starts when you decide to start living it.

While many trainers stop learning when they get their certification, we feel a true coach should never stop learning. With that said, much of our free time is spent on continuing education. And we don’t ONLY study the fields of fitness and nutrition.

We believe effective, top-notch coaches go further than that. And that’s why we have committed to always getting better in the fields of psychology, leadership, mindset, business, happiness, motivation, and more.

Through our blog, you’ll get: 

  • Proven strategies to improve your life, inside and out.
  • Interviews with clients, coaches, and guru’s.
  • A community of like-minded individuals all working toward the same thing.
  • Tips to help you get more out of your workouts
  • Eating best practices to help you enjoy food and drinks, all the while maintaining a healthy balance, and killer body.
  • Even tips on improving other aspects of your life.

If you feel in this cookie cutter world that something just isn’t right, and you don’t fit in. You lay awake at night and can’t shake that feeling that there is something more for you… You’d be right.

Join us as we raise up an army of fit, sexy vegan soldiers to spread the delicious, cruelty-free Gospel of peace and compassion to a lost and dying world.

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