Beyonce and Miley Save More Animals Than Your Vegan Ass

by / Wednesday, 24 June 2015 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan
There has been some controversy in the vegan community. Some crazies are hating on Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. We’re here to set the fuckin record straight.

Yes, Beyonce and Miley save more animals than you. Yes, it’s basic as fuck. But no, we haven’t seen anyone else point this out yet.

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  • Amina Syed

    Hahha love this! I can’t stand that people are criticizing them so much when, in the end, they are making a huge difference that none of us could possibly make. I especially love “the definition of veganism is way more important than saving animals” – too many people are caught up in the fact that Miley and Beyonce aren’t PERFECT vegans. Still, any positive change towards veganism is a step in the right direction!

    • Eve Jane Lucille Davies

      I had faith that Miley would do this, going on how much she always loved animals.

  • Catherine Drury

    That’s stupid. Beyoncé is doing it for health reasons, it’s not this selfless act you guys have made out in the video…. And if Miley and Beyoncé still wear fur, they’re buying into the cruelest industry there is. Animals are routinely skinned alive and just chucked in a heap of other skinned animals who are still very much conscious, left to die slowly and in unimaginable pain. You guys suck. You’ve missed the point completely….

    • I think they do get the point. The point is that whether someone is eating vegan food for health reasons or for ethical reasons, animals are being saved. That’s it, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter to the animals why people stop eating them. The fact that someone like Beyoncé may still wear fur means nothing to the animals that she won’t be eating anymore, it’s still animals being saved. Now of course we hope she expands her circle of compassion and sees the big picture by adopting a vegan lifestyle, and for many people who start eating vegan for health, luckily that does happen, but we should be able to celebrate small victories and applaud any kind of change that does help animals.

  • Aubrie VeganRose Keegan

    I’m always pretty excited when people eat more, or exclusively plant-based. To me, this means they’re actually thinking, experiencing, feeling and seeing the benefits; even if it only pertains to them exclusively. In the end I would be an absolute hypocrite if I got my hackles up really high about this; I started Vegans of Whidbey Island and openly welcome people of all walks of life, from all moral and ethical viewpoints to join in the fun. My rationale for this is that making positive changes that last are done better, and more healthfully and happily when we have a support system in place.

    I went Vegan without knowing any other Vegans, and I did so for moral reasons. I know a lot of others who didn’t choose the same path as mine yet are beautiful, enlightened people and genuinely care for themselves and the lives of others; so when I come to them with an open heart, a hug and a smile they not only feel that I love and appreciate them for who they are, but supported as they literally realize their own world-changing abilities!

    Fear and name calling works for some, but that’s not the vibration I want to put out into others, and it’s certainly not the one I want to experience for myself. So I’ll choose to love, embrace and educate others into a place of ultimate compassion and kindness. I would do the same if I ever met Beyonce or Miley, two people who may be famous but at the end of the day are just as human as the rest of us.