The entire world is already vegan. Here’s how…

by / Tuesday, 27 June 2017 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan



Becoming vegan is really a misnomer.


No one needs to change to become vegan.


Rather, it’s about peeling away the hardened layers that our parents, upbringings, and society has foisted upon us


(i.e. animals don’t feel pain. We are above animals. We need meat for protein so eating animals must be right even though it feels wrong. Animals are here for us to use, toughen up and eat that chicken!, etc.)


And getting in touch with who you truly are, who you want to be, and how you want to feel.


Animal agriculture is built upon the idea of scarcity. There isn’t enough food so we have to sacrifice the unique lives of others. To enslave and kill animals for my selfish benefit.


When the truth we can all grasp is that of abundance. The opposite of scarcity or lack.


Getting in touch with the truth, that we want ourselves and, by default, everyone and every being to experience life to its fullest.


Overflowing love, empathy, compassion, food, and freedom.


Free Yourself


When we free ourselves to feel the uncomfortable emotions we’ve stifled our entire lives


We get in touch with ourselves, with others, and yes, with these animals who feel pain and joy just like you.


And you can make the decisions that allow them to experience more joy, and less pain.


You are the answer. And the truth is in you right now. We know it.


It is your unique path, and no one can change you, but we are here to help you negotiate life and explore any questions you may have about yourself, about animals, about your world.


Society has been beating the feelings out of us, but we can allow them to come to the surface again.


Both of us have found that life is so much sweeter allowing ourselves to feel this shit.


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