5 Tips To Get Your Friends and Family To Go Vegan

by / Thursday, 05 February 2015 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan

When people find out our entire fucking family is vegan. Their first question is something like, “have they always been vegan?”

And our answer is “No, they haven’t.”

Then they say, “Holy fucking shit. How did you do it? My family could never go vegan.”

We’re here to say “YES, THEY COULD!”

And in this video we break down the top 5 tips you need to use if you want to persuade your friends and family to go vegan.

One favor. If you know anyone you think would find this useful, please share it with them.

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  • Danielle DeWitt

    Great FUCKING video. Thanks for the reminders. Being Vegan IS normal!

  • Jan Carrie Steven

    This is wonderful!

  • EnRo

    Hey guys ! I loved this video so much and I would like to share it … But would it be possible to make the same one again without all the *f* words… ? I would love to show this to some younger audiences but don’t want them exposed to this sort of language… Thanks a lot ! Your video was awesome ! Keep at it ! Vegan power 🙂

    • Nadine

      Agreed. I personally thought it was funny but in order for me to spread your video/message I’d like to see it cleaned up a little.

      • We understand what the fuck you guys are saying.

  • EnRo

    One last thing: to be promoting anti-violence … Those are some quite violent words 🙁 let’s stop all forms of violence … Even in the languages we use !:-)

  • Hailey Ann

    I can think of a few people who need to see this. I eventually learned all of this, but I learned it the hard way, and it took me a couple years to calm the fuck down. Haha thanks for making this video, I’ll be sure to share it around.

    • We’re pretty sure every vegan at least goes through the angry phase for a bit. It’s hard not to.

      • I am more of a “meh *facepalm*” kind of person when it comes to seeing and hearing the ignorance of people especially regarding veganism.

  • Christopher Vegan-Murphy

    So THAT’s how you pronounce Victor’s last name!

  • Christopher Vegan-Murphy

    Something was missing from this video. PEYTON!

  • Liz

    I try, I really do. I just get so tired of the clerk at the vitamib store trying to push gelatin soft capsules at me. He had no clue what gelatin even was… ew

  • Cheryl


  • Maya Vader

    I absolutely loved this video. You guys made me laugh all the way. I also shared it in the Veganism group because I’ve seen many vegans (I was also one) being rude to omnivores. The whole reason here is to help other people become vegans. Don’t we all want a vegan world? Then stop acting like pricks!!! Yep. More or less I said that, lol. Thank you guys. You are amazing!

  • Ray Tajoma

    This video was fucking awesome ! My overweight parents are not vegan (they eat plenty of meat). It’s their traditional culture and beliefs. Do you suggest I send them this video to someone that is a meat eater ?

    • Oliver Pereira

      This video is tips for vegans. I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be sent to non-vegans! But make use of the tips when trying to persuade your parents to go vegan. 🙂

  • Tomuk1548

    This almost makes me want to go Vegan, you know per your advice, maybe I’ll start by making one vegan meal each week and take it from there…. thanks guys!! 🙂

    • canaduck

      You can do it! Every little step towards compassionate eating helps.

  • Kamal Sunker

    lol you guys are great

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  • Cassandra Leigh R

    I absolutely love you guys! Are either of you still single??

  • Benni

    Wash your filthy mouth out and have some respect for your audience, veganBros!!!!