Hey Vegans. Plants Feel Pain Too!

by / Tuesday, 26 May 2015 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan
Hey vegans, we’re so sick of your fucking bullshit. Plants feel pain too.

Cows, grass, pigs, cats, plants and dogs all feel pain in the EXACT same way. And we prove it in this video.

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  • Ha ha awesome! is going to make it so much easier to dumbsplain to anyone that says this to me next time. I have a tendency to just get pissed off and go off on a huge diatribe, so people stop listening. This is short, sweet and to the point.

  • Rachel

    Awesome. This will make it easier to dumbsplain this to the next person that says this to me. I have a tendency to get pissed off and go on a huge diatribe so at least this is short sweet and to the point.

  • Aubrie VeganRose Keegan

    Hah! Love it!

  • Yuppers! Entertaining and Educational as usual! 🙂

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  • Greg Stevens

    Humor isn’t working for me. Slitting an animal’s throat is not the same as mowing the lawn. There is a gray area surrounding plant pain. Talk to a fruitarian to learn more,

  • Michael Prikryl

    “Plants feel pain too” is the lamest nonsense excuse by meat eaters for being lazy and not wanting to wake up, realizing that they are contributing to war and terrorism against innocent animals and that this terrorism ends up in their own bodies. There is no grey area, the facts are very simple. Plants have no central nervous system. They adapt to light, water, weather, sometime also sense sound and spiritual energy (especially flowers and trees), but that does not make them sentient or have you heard a carrot scream when being cut?