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All media requests should be directed to info@veganbros.com, but with the subject line, “Media Request.”


For speaking arrangements, please also contact us at info@veganbros.com but with the subject line, “Speaking Request.” Your email should contain date, length of talk, topic requested, and necessary event details.


Topics we feel our life experiences have made us experts on include:

  • How We Found Freedom After Escaping the Assemblies of God
  • How We Motivate Everyone We Interact With To Go Vegan
  • How We Overcame Low Self-Esteem and Achieved Abundant Confidence
  • How We’ve Overcome Shame and Embraced Life
  • How We’ve De-Escalated Hostile Conversations
  • How We’ve Overcome Extreme Religious Trauma
  • How We Figured Out Our Purpose


Some more media we’ve been featured in…


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Book deal signed with:

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