How To Stop Being a Lazy Vegan Piece of Shit

by / Wednesday, 21 January 2015 / Published in Fat Loss, Health, Lifestyle, vegan

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We’ve received hundreds of emails from vegans who feel doomed to lives of mediocrity.


99% of us are living lives of quiet desperation. We struggle through each day tired, bored, frustrated, and hating at least some aspect of our lives.


But there’s something we can learn from the 1% doing it right.


So maybe you want to get in better shape, lose weight, finally finish your degree, land a better job… but you just can’t do it. You chalk another one up to your arch nemesis- being too lazy, and unmotivated.


In this video we talk about the one mistake that has ruined many lives, and will ruin your life if you don’t get this shit right.

After you watch the video, we’ve got a question… What is your purpose? Share it with us in the comments. We love hearing what makes everyone in this community tick.

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  • Fabiola Guevara

    Fucking hilarious

  • Sibsib

    wtf? 😛

  • Christopher Vegan-Murphy

    best one yet!

  • When I first became a coach, my purpose was to help people stop hurting, as everywhere I went all I saw was people hurting – people who wanted something (and sometimes many things) to be different than they are. Almost all wish to look different, feel different and for their circumstances to be different. I have now been a senior leadership coach for over a decade, working with some of the best and brightest on the planet, and, my purpose has not really changed all that much. Today, I help extremely successful people hear themselves think and therefore act on their own good counsel (aka inner voice). It is the greatest work. Since becoming vegan three years ago, my purpose has also expanded to learn as much as I possibly can about veganism and vegan advocacy. In the coming years, I intend to move more and more of my practice to working with the true leaders of this world, the vegan entrepreneurs who will save the animals, our health, our healthcare system, and our planet. Thanks for the great question!

    • Love it! Thanks for sharing, Susanne. You’re doing big shit.

  • Lara

    So awesome! Glad y’all are doing what you’re doing…even as a non-vegan I can take away a lil something from this video. PS Phil you are just as sexy as ya were when I was a wee 15 year old. Keep it up and FUCKING come home and visit sometime!

    • Lara, you’re the best. Our parents moved to Washington 4 or 5 months ago. So we’re not sure when we’ll be back next.

  • Steven Robalino

    Love the videos, guys! Your approach to reaching out to the masses is perfect. I’m right there on the front lines with you fighting the good fight with my Juicing 101 program. Would love to collaborate with you guys someday.