Here’s Why You Should Stop Trying To Make People Go Vegan

by / Thursday, 20 April 2017 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan

But Phil and Matt. How could you say that?


Your entire family including both parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides of your family have all gone vegan.


And you also have so many friends and acquaintances who have gone vegan too. And now your parents are veganizing their church.


It seems like every single person you guys come into contact with goes vegan.


Yeah, you’re right.


And while we’re not going to take full credit for it, maybe you should sit the fuck down and listen the fuck up.


Especially when we say something you disagree with or don’t think makes sense.


We get it.


We’ve been there. You’re vegan. Maybe you just went vegan. Maybe you’ve been rocking it for 20 years.


But you can’t handle it. Animals are dying left and right and you think no one cares.


You yell and scream. You can’t wait for the opportunity to bring it up in every conversation you have. You just want it all to end. And every one of those people rolls their eyes and then goes and orders a steak.


“Assholes!” you think to yourself. “Some people are just callus pieces of shit.”


But wait! Are they really?


Or, could there be a better way?


What if instead of leading every conversation you have with “Hey everyone. I’m vegan, stop eating my friends.” you started with something like, “Hey guys, you seem so awesome I had to meet you. I’m _______, want to do a shot?”


It’s called being a genuinely nice person.


You know, like friendly? Sociable? Likeable? That sort of thing. The kind of person people just love being around.




Because when we build bridges, relationships, and rapport, we actually form long term friendships that in turn allows for greater influence and inspiration with that person down the road.


When we commoditize our interactions by implying to friends, family, or acquaintances that it’s “my way or the highway” we lower ourselves and the way people view us.


No one wants to be given an ultimatum right off the bat. “Yeah, I want you to go vegan right now. And if you don’t, you’re a disgusting pile of shit.”


Do you see what we mean?


We actually have a game.


We try to go as long as possible without ever telling someone we’re vegan.


When you’re a genuinely nice person who wants to interact and add value to others, it all comes back to you in the end. And you get what you want.


When you’re simply interacting with people to get what you want, you end up empty handed, and with a world full of people who can’t stand you and don’t want to be like you.


So basically, if you want people to go vegan, you have to stop putting some sort of timeline or pressure on yourself and them to do it.

Recognize and respect the fact that you’re a complex individual who came to this conclusion in your own time, and so are they.


Just because they aren’t vegan right this instant, doesn’t mean you write those motherfuckers off.


So don’t try to get people to go vegan. Do try to be the best person you can be.


  1. Smile.
  2. Be genuinely interested in the other person.
  3. Find all of the things you have in common and talk about them.
  4. Find out ways you can help them and be a good friend.


The law of reciprocity dictates that when we do this with others, it all comes back to us.


Give. Give. Give. Always lead with helping others and adding value and you are sure to not only help others, but to in turn help yourself.


And let’s not forget the fucking fact that when you give just to give, you feel fucking fantastic, and it improves your life instantly.


Now go ye into the world and be awesome as fuck to everyone you meet.


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  • Nita Bita

    This reminds me of a conversation I walked in on between a bunch of middle school kids outside of an old apartment complex. They said “shit” and “fuck” at the most awkward times in the midst of otherwise lackluster 11-year-old conversation. It was so forced that it was almost hilarious.

    Thankfully, I don’t insert being a vegan into regular conversation but I’ll definitely join in on the little game and purposefully see how long I can go without mentioning it at all. I’ll also keep an eye on how often I say the word “fuck”. Never realized until today just how annoying it can sound when thrown into a perfectly good sentence 4 times in a row.

  • Freddy D.

    And stop being so easily triggered. I hate extremists. The world is not only about ur believes