The Entire World Will Be Vegan. Here’s Why…

by / Thursday, 23 March 2017 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”Napoleon Hill


Everyday it gets easier and easier to “conceive and believe.”


Everyday people who once talked shit on veganism, move toward a vegan diet. (including us)


Everyday we are one more day closer to clean meat (slaughter-free meat) taking the fuck over and replacing the current disgusting meat that brutalizes animals and our health.


Everyday plant meat is getting better in the lab at Beyond Meat.


New laws are being passed to end the worst abuses farm animals face. Corporate policies are changing as well.


People are becoming more aware of what’s going on. New celebrities and professional athletes are going vegan and using their hard-earned influence to speak out.


Non-profit organizations that focus on farm animals are growing and receiving insane amounts of funding at a rapid pace.


And remember anytime you hear someone say “I’ll never go vegan,” that’s just something people say before they go vegan.


Keep the PMA at all times.


And know that the entire world will rejoice when we achieve total vegan world domination.


What is the PMA you may ask? An acronym coined decades ago and made popular by Napoleon Hill.


PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. And this stands in stark contrast to the opposite attitude- NMA, or Negative Mental Attitude.


Those with the PMA believe and work toward success, and they don’t let anything get them down. They’re always learning, growing, and improving. And they’re always keeping the PMA.


Also, here is the theme song for Vegan World Domination. 


Listen to it everyday.



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