Vegan Bros Top 9 Books to Keep You From Being a Douche in 2017

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Whether it’s people approaching us out at the bar, at an event, or shooting us messages online.


There’s one question we get asked time and time again.


“Why are you guys such fucking pieces of shit?”


It’s a great question and it got us to thinking.


And that’s when it hit us. It’s because we read books.


We read a lot of books.


But it hasn’t always been that way.


“…and as you can see in the syllabus, we’ll be reading 27 books this year.”


Those were the dreaded words Matt heard on his first day of Senior AP English in high school.


Now, we know what you must be thinking.


“What in the actual fuck!? Matt was in AP English?




To be perfectly honest we don’t have a good answer for that.


Someone probably dropped the ball in that decision process and it’s likely they were eventually chastised and fired for their ridiculous oversight.


But more to the point. Neither of us liked reading at all.. And so, we didn’t read books.


Matt managed to pass AP English with these notes from his trusted advisor Cliff (Cliff’s Notes anyone?)


For those unaware, Cliff’s Notes was a pre internet age company with a black and yellow branded soft cover notebook with a short summary of any book you didn’t want to read but needed to pretend like you did.


We’ve been thinking about what we can teach you lately.


Prior to our literary awakenings, we had probably read combined 10 books in our entire life.


And pretty much exclusively just to skim it and say we read it.


Over the past several years our count of books read stretches well into triple digits, and we’re constantly tallying the books we want to read and adding them to our list.


When someone utters the words “I just read”, we both scramble for our phones and open the notes app to jot down the title and author.


We also have a rule. When we started Vegan Bros, the one thing we said we would never set a budget on were books. We both have free reign to buy as many books as we want.


Sure you may be feeding your body, but if you aren’t feeding your mind, you’re basically dying.


2016 was a first for us. We both set massive reading goals this year to challenge ourselves.


Here’s the crazy part. We both failed to reach our goals. That is, if you consider reading a combined number of over 100 books failure.


We’re constantly asked for book recommendations.


We’ve even put a couple lists together on our blog before.


As the year ends though, we felt it fitting to include our favorite and most noteworthy reads of 2016.




1. 48 Laws of Power


If you want to accomplish anything in life (ie. getting the entire world to go vegan) it is imperative that you understand power.


Where the fuck does power come from? How do you get more power? etc.


If you don’t like Robert Greene, you don’t deserve to live. This motherfucker uses historical example after historical example to explain the dynamics of power.


It is the handbook for vegan world domination.




2. When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead


Jerry Weintraub is hands down one of the most interesting people in the history of the world.


He’s one charismatic motherfucker that accomplished MASSIVE shit in the Hollywood scene during his life.


If you also want to achieve massive shit in your life, and want to read a book written by someone who is very relatable. This is your book.




3. Ego Is The Enemy


Ego fucks everything up in your life. And it’s a constant process of first noticing it rearing its ugly head. And second ridding it from your life.


Ryan Holiday uses historical examples of someone’s ego fucking shit up so yours doesn’t have to.




4. Titan


This book is long as fuck. But it’s also interesting as fuck.


John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire in America. And he is a man both loved and hated.


The way he did business was responsible for fucking up countless people’s lives.


But he also gave a fuck ton of his money away to charities. And he was very motivated by donating his money and making a positive difference on the world.


America would not be the country it is today had this man not existed.




5. #Girlboss


Sofia Amoruso’s path from dumpster diving for food, to building a fashion empire is legit as fuck.


Also, she used to be vegan, and we’re looking forward to her going vegan again soon.




6. Conscious Capitalism


Regardless of your thoughts on capitalism, this book is amazing!


We both love it! And we think the animal rights movement can take some very important lessons away from it.


Whole Foods started out as a co-op. John Mackey became disenfranchised by the co-op movement because nobody was focusing on solving problems.


They were just focused on which companies to boycott.


So he left that shit and decided to get shit done.


Since then he has had a massive impact, and has been a leader in putting systems in place to get rid of the worst abuses on factory farms. As well as sell a shit ton of vegan food, and help various vegan companies become successful.


Biggest takeaway: If you want to make a difference in the world, you need to take into consideration the way the world actually works right now.




7. Think and Grow Rich


Matt actually has toyed with getting a portrait of Napoleon Hill tattooed on himself. That’s how fucking foundational this motherfucker has been in our lives.


We read this book every year, and every year we get more out of it. Hill’s story from jobless, depressed, and destitute, to elevating himself in the world as a documentarian is straight up insane.


While the book speaks mostly to someone money and business oriented. You can apply the teachings in this book to all facets of life. Including vegan world domination.


It’s all about the PMA!




8. The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership


We’ll be straight up with you. Phil doesn’t give a shit about football. Matt watches it with friends on occasion.


But that’s besides the point.


Bill Walsh took the 49ers from the worst team in the NFL to the Superbowl in 3 years.


And to Bill, the philosophy of leadership is the same whether you’re the head coach of an NFL team, CEO of a massive company, or the leader of a small team of people.




9. The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality for Our Times


It’s time to get spiritual as fuck up in this bitch!


This is one of 4 Deepak Chopra books that showed up on our bookshelf this year and we’re happy about it.


We both grew up in what could be considered just shy of a cult. Matt has a minor in Theology. We’ve run the gamut from religious nut jobs, militant atheist, and everywhere in between.


Life is complicated and religion is one way people find hope and are able to cope with the complexities and mysteries that is life.


Deepak’s accessible and practical approach to spirituality in a universal way is hard not to find compelling and interesting.


Whether you’re religious, or not, an open mind with this book will give you some food for thought when negotiating this world in a healthy and more successful way.


So basically, what we’re saying is “don’t be a fucking douche bag piece of shit in 2017.”


Read these books instead.


And click here to download our ebook for free!

  • scottallenbradley

    Great book list! I’m reading 48 Laws of Power now and it’s hardcore. I’ve also read Think and Grow Rich and Ego is the Enemy is insane. I really want to pick up Conscious Capitalism. Thanks for the recommendations guys!

  • Actually changed my course content to teach “Think and Grow Rich” as the main text in the writing course. Yes, it is THAT good of a book. Hill is awesome. A history professor wouldn’t steer you wrong….