Why the Vegan Bros Even Love Militant Vegans

by / Friday, 12 May 2017 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle, vegan
I continued thinking after writing the last blog, Why the Vegan Bros Love Meat Eaters. And then this blog happened. Written by Phil.

I used to eat meat all the fucking time.


Then I saw a video of a pig getting her throat slit while fully conscious at the slaughterhouse.


I didn’t change my diet.


Then I saw it again a few months later.


I still didn’t change my diet.


Then I saw it again a year later.


And I finally stopped eating meat, and became vegan 3 years later.


Immediately after that I freaked the fuck out and was very militant.


“How could you selfish motherfuckers support such insanity happening to animals?”


Soon I calmed down and realized, “oh wait. I used to eat meat. I wasn’t a bad person. The world is just complex and shit is crazy sometimes.”


So I became more understanding. But I only became understanding of people who ate meat.


This is where I entered the next stage of being upset.


Even though I had just recently stopped being a crazy, militant motherfucker. I now lost my shit anytime I came into contact with a vegan who was militant.




Ya. It’s some crazy ass shit.


But it’s the same story here. If we want to change people we have to understand them.


Now I’m not saying I ever joined any of those crazy ass protests at Whole Foods or Chipotle. (2 of the most amazing companies moving the ball forward for animals that we should encourage and support. Also, John Mackey, you’re our hero!)


But as I explain in this video, my mindset was the same. And I would have joined them if it was back in the day.


So yes. It shouldn’t be hard to at least attempt to understand what’s going on in their heads.


And you know what it is for 98% of them.


1. Animals are being tortured.
2. Animals are being brutally slaughtered.
3. Both of those things make them upset.


And 98% of them are just doing what nearly EVERYONE does in every single situation in life.


They are venting their emotions without thinking about whether it will accomplish the result they want.


Or how other people or businesses will perceive what they’re doing.


When I’ve responded with anger in the past about this shit it was for 2 reasons:


1. I forgot I was once doing the same shit.
2. I didn’t attempt to understand them. I just got upset.


And like we said in the last blog, “you want to influence someone? Think about what the fuck’s going on in their head.”


“We live in a complex world.” And we’re all trying to figure this shit out.


So this is my official apology to the way I’ve felt about all you militant motherfuckers in the past.


I don’t agree with your tactics. But responding from a place of anger and lack of understanding on my part is never right.


Let’s commit to understanding each other as we move forward. And commit to not being such massive piles of shit to each other.


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