Are Vegan Cupcakes The Key To Losing Weight?

by / Wednesday, 18 February 2015 / Published in Fat Loss, Health, Lifestyle, vegan


Many people don’t know the answer to this. And gosh darnit, we believe in ejikayshin.

So we answered it in this video.

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  • Jan Carrie Steven

    Who doesn’t like vegan cupcakes?! Nobody. Who doesn’t eat them everyday? Me. But it’s nice to know I can… Love your videos.

  • Nancy nice

    I could never hate you guys!! You actually got me off of my lazy vegan ass and got me working out again!! Woo, Hoo!

  • Fabiola Guevara

    This is toooo funny and brutally honest! I love it!

  • Kali Zstovepipe

    Amazing! I so wish the UK had as many vegan options as you guys… but it would probably be bad as I manage to find plenty of junk food already. Everyone says vegans are skinny, why isn’t this true for me damn it! lol

  • Leah Payette

    “What the fu u u u uuuck”!! LOL! U guys are hilarious!! 😉