Get the Lukewarm Motherfuckers Out of Your Life

by / Monday, 31 October 2016 / Published in Activism, Lifestyle

So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth. – Revelation 3:16


There’s some weird ass shit in the Bible and other religious texts.


But there is also a lot of wisdom that many, in today’s world, don’t pay attention to.


This is a major key to success right here.


In life you will have rabid fans. AND you will have rabid haters.


The people who love you are awesome! And they are your family!


Your haters are working against you. But if you are strategic you can use your haters to propel you to success faster. If our haters didn’t exist, we would not have experienced the rapid successes we have in so many aspects of Vegan Bros.




We love our fans! And we also love our haters!


But when someone who normally loves you, publicly opposes you for even one small thing, they have died to you.


Sometimes these motherfuckers support you. But other times they oppose you.


Some very intelligent people refer to these people as “frenemies.” At Vegan Bros, we just refer to these people as “giant pieces of shit.” They are worse than your enemies.


Research has shown that your haters do cause you stress and other bad shit. But your haters are predictable. You know exactly what pisses them off. And you know exactly what to do when you want to piss them off.


But the motherfuckers in the middle are a different story.


They add a whole new level of massive stress and anxiety to your life.


“If I do this, what will they think? Will they support me? Or will they hate me?”


It doesn’t fucking matter! Sure your frenemies may not like what you do. Not everyone is going to understand every single thing you do.


It’s not that YOU’RE wrong. It’s that THEY don’t understand.


These motherfuckers in the middle prevent you from taking the actions necessary to reach your goals fast. They cause you to second guess everything you do and waste your valuable mental and emotional energy.


You don’t live your life to please them. You live your life to accomplish your goals and your purpose.


So get the lukewarm motherfuckers as far away from you as possible. And go get shit done! 🙂


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